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Dave_100David Lane – Growing up on the family farm milking cows and throwing hay bales Dave has worked this land for several decades.  Embracing the changing agricultural landscape he enjoys the challenge of marketing a different quality beverage.


Julie_100Julie Lane – Bringing her drive as an educator to Snow Farm, Julie wants the customers to experience all we have to offer. It starts with the award winning wine of course. But add in the history of the area and the natural beauty of the vineyard then toss with local art and it is indeed a magical experience. In addition she will work tirelessly to make your special event at the winery spectacular.

Patrick Barrelet is the artist behind the wines. A part owner, Patrick has been the head wine meister since day one with a degree in Oenology from the University of Dijon in Burgundy, France, one of the great wine-producing regions in the world. He majored in Pinot Noir, which is a way better major than any other I’ve ever heard of. He is an award winning wine maker many times over and is tolerant over our lack of appreciation of Canadian pastimes, like curling.

Cassandra Martin Assistant wine meister Cassandra has done everything to do with Snow Farm because, foolishly, she is actually interested in all aspects of the business – from winemaking to retail.  Because everyone at Snow Farm gets to choose his or her own job title, Cassandra took full advantage of the glaring omission and is now Queen of Canada.  So treat her with respect and minors, don’t even think about using a fake I.D.;  not only does Cassandra take her role as Queen of Canada seriously, but she is also a former marine.

Alex_100Alex Lane came with the land. Seriously. We bought the land for the vineyard and winery from his grandparents, Fred and Gladys. I neglected to read the fine print in the sales agreement that said that Alex was an agricultural easement that ran with the land. So, here is and here he shall remain. The good news is he won’t bite if you want to feed him, but bring plenty of Hot Pockets.

To contact us call (802) 372-WINE (9463) or email: lanes@snowfarm.com

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