Vineyard History

Our winery began a as a dream and passion in 1992 – the fierce desire to keep land agricultural in Vermont. With land becoming more valuable for its development potential than for its worth farming, we were concerned with the future of our state, afraid of losing  what makes Vermont unique. Fortunately our dream became the dream of others, and together, Vermont’s first commercial grape vineyard and winery came into existence in 1996. It is our hope that we can provide an alternative for farmers, so that they can rededicate their land to a new agricultural pursuit and keep it working rather than selling it for residential or commercial purposes. Supporting us supports our mission of keeping the land open and working.

Because Snow Farm is situated on an island in the middle of Lake Champlain and therefore able to enjoy the micro-climate created by the U.S.’ sixth largest lake, Snow Farm’s growing season is identical to Burgundy, France.  This permits Snow Farm to grow cooler climate vinifera grapes, such as Pinot Noir and Riesling, as well as the more cold hardy French Hybrids, such as Vidal Blanc and Baco Noir.  However, thanks to Vermont’s cold winter temperatures, in addition to producing table wines, Snow Farm produces, among other dessert wines, an ice wine, a product that cannot be made in many other places in the world.

It is because of our dessert wines that the January 2009 Wine Spectator (Editor’s Choice Edition) mentioned Snow Farm as one of only five wineries whose wines have come to their attention from the 46 smaller wine producing states in the U.S.


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