Our Farm

The hosts and owners of the farm are Dave and Julie Lane and their two sons, Nick and Alex.

We are a diversified family run farm.  We raise grass-fed pork, have a state of the art  maple sugar house which produces up to 200 gallons of syrup a year, and own llamas that are used for their fiber. These farm products are sold at our own Snow Farm Vineyard, just down the road and at  the local Farmer’s Market.


The Lane Family purchased Crescent Bay Farm in 1961. It has a rich history (see below)  as a successful dairy farm. In 1999 with the help and vision of the Vermont Land Trust and South Hero Land Trust, Dave and Julie purchased the farmhouse and 121 acres from Dave’s parents. Dave’s parents were able to retire knowing the land would be farmland forever. Then began the exciting project of renovating the 7 bedroom 1820’s red and white farmhouse for the family and guests, as a bed and breakfast. The farmhouse lies overlooking the lake surrounded by gardens which contain a small stone castle and traditional flower beds .

Early History
: The farmhouse was originally built in the 1820’s. From the road, one can see the screened porch that is part of the original structure. The side and back sections were added at later dates. It is likely that animals were kept in the far back of the house. Colonel H. Jackson of Burlington owned the house in the 1920’s. He spent many wonderful hours at his farm with his family when he came out from the city of Burlington. He enjoyed entertaining guests, among them Teddy Roosevelt who enjoyed duck hunting on Lake Champlain.


Colonel Jackson’s granddaughters, who enjoyed many summers at their Grandpa’s farm, recently told us a story of their curious pony climbing the stairs to find them in the house. They also talked about Harry Barber who lived at the farm and built the stone castle in the garden for them. Barber is famous for building many of the miniature stone structures on the island. On the farm, it was his job to collect the cow’s each day and he would bring along a bucket to pick up interesting stones. During the long winters he would make interesting structures, of which there are several on the property.

In the 1950’s the farmhouse became an Inn with a connection to some of the cottages on the property. There were sinks in the guest bathrooms and one shared bath for guests to use upstairs. Three meals were served a day and the beehive, brick, baking oven was in full operation. Guests say they would go home with many extra pounds.In 2001, the farmhouse returns to the purpose of hosting guests in its new renovated form.

In 1993, Dave’s parents sold  acres of our land to be the home of Snow Farm, Vermont’s first Winery and grape Vineyard.  The vineyard expanded over the years and in 2012  our family purchased Snow Farm from its original owners. (SnowFarm.com)


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