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IMG_1471 ESTATE SEYVAL BLANC Apple, pear and melon notes.  Dry with a smooth finish. $14.15.
Image - Copy  ESTATE VIDAL BLANC Dry and Crisp white wine. Citrus-y nose with notes of tangerine and mandarin. Lemon and lime on the palate. Wine which could age for a few years. $14.15.
 Snow farm August 2014 SNOW  WHITE An Estate Wine.  A nice, off-dry blend of Cayuga and Seyval. Enjoy with appetizers, cheese, spicier foods or seven friends.  $12.74.
 IMG_1493 AMERICAN TRAMINETTE A classic Gewurtztraminer hybrid. A semi-dry wine with muscat and mineral aromas. Intense peach and lime flavors. Wine to savor on its own or with a spicy dish. $18.40.
IMG_1478  ESTATE LEON MILLOT Dry red wine with red berry and ‘kirsch’ notes on the nose. Dry with a fruity mouth and a hint of oak. Nice wine to pair with pasta dishes.   $14.62.
 IMG_1489  ESTATE BACO NOIR Smooth tannins, black cherry and black berry aromas. Medium-bodied and very fruity. $14.62.
 IMG_1487   CRESCENT BAY RED An Estate wine. Beautiful garnet colored medium bodied wine brings out the best of our 2011 Baco Noir, Leon Millot and Frontenac in our Meritage blend. Berry notes throughout, mellow, oak aged and fruity with a smooth finish. $15.09.
 ross red collage ROSE RED Delightfully fruity, sweet blend of  Baco Noir and Catawba that can be enjoyed at room temperature or chilled, like a Sangria.   Pairs with Spanish or Mexican.  $12.74.
 IMG_1482 2011 ESTATE VIGNOLES LATE HARVEST Late Harvest. We’re all over the map on this one.  Some of us taste almond and honey, others pear and orange zest, and still others taste pineapple and butterscotch.  $25/ 375 ml. bottle.
 IMG_1485 2012 ESTATE VIDAL BLANC ICE WINE Very much like our 08 which garnered a God Medal -94 Rating-(2011 Los Angeles International Wine and Spirit Competition). Double Gold winner at the 2013 Tasters Guild International Wine Competition. A very special wine with lots of exotic fruit, like mango, pineapple and lychee nuts. $47.17 375 ml. bottle $28.30 200ml. bottle
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